My Hood


A picture from outside my house in my neighborhood.  This was probably taken in the fall some time.  I remember really loving the lighting outside and decided to take my Canon and wide angle lens out to take a cool shot while the light was there.


My Guitar


My Guitar.  I just took this today with my new Alien Bees B800 light in a soft box.  Before this, I had been using just regular shoe mount flashes to do lighting.  What a difference with this thing.  I’m using a 24×36 soft box with it.  All I have to say is – WOW!  Ok – it’s my first experience with real higher powered flashes and I’m totally dorking out.

It’s just a start, my first photograph with the Alien Bees system highly modified in Lightroom and Photoshop.  I didn’t like the color version too much as there was a lot going on and I felt the color distracted too much from what I was aiming for.  I really wanted this photograph to have more of an emphasis on the things that great light tends to bring out – the details.  In this case, the details were the texture of the wood and the curves of the guitar.

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My niece, Emma.
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My sister in-law, Allison and her daughter, Emma
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A few pictures that I took on Christmas.  I was just using my Flash on-camera pointing up at the ceiling.   I think they are pretty cool portraits despite minimal lighting equipment.  I really love the picture of Allison and Emma.  I think I may have caught them looking at my camera at the perfect moment.  It’s so hard to keep Emma still.  The top picture of Emma is great because its a funny pic of her eating her dessert.  Love the background blur on that one and the lighting.

Street photography, originally uploaded by Felix Lupa.

This is a great street composition, that I found on Flickr, posted by Felix Lupa. I really love how he created this photo by using an ad and then an actual person walking in opposite directions. The child in the middle also adds a new element to the photograph as well.

I would think that this was a planned shot. Cartier Bresson did most of his photos this way, by scouting a location and then waiting for that moment where your vision of that location becomes a reality. once everything is in it’s right place, click.

Great work Felix!

So, I admit it – I love playing with a Holga.  It’s a really fun camera to work with because you really never know what you are going to get from it.  Most of the time your images are pretty soft, even the part you were focusing on (although you don’t know what you focused on with a Holga).  The point is – the unexpected and unpredictible nature of the Holga leads to some excitement with photography.  It’s a break from the digital world where the camera does everything for you.

It’s sort of become a tradition of mine to bring my Holga every time I go on a beach vacation.  I’m not sure where or why this started, but it did.  I think the Holga is the perfect companion for the beach because it needs a lot of light to make a good exposure and on a beach during the summer, that’s usually what you have.  You only have one setting on a Holga and that’s about f10 at 100.  This is a typical exposure for a sunny day or slightly sunny day.

Here are a few pictures that I took over the summer with my Holga at the beach.  It’s taken me so long to get them developed, now that it is winter.

Boy with Boogie Board.   Like the colors in this one since his hair is red, the sky is blue and so is the water.

My niece, Maddie